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Reducing Wood Waste

In the war against wood waste, there have been various methods put in place to minimise wood waste generation. One of the ways is to reduce excessive wood products.  Reducing wood waste is also under the waste hierarchy policy.

Wood waste reduction can be said to be one of the best ways to prevent the excessive generation of wood waste. It is a means of creating an eco-friendly environment and protecting the trees. In Australia, there are various legislations put in place to reduce waste materials, particularly wood waste.

This legislation is to help minimise the overuse of certain natural resources such as trees. Rather than chopping off another tree for the production of certain materials, existing materials already processed should be used to produce such material.

The Australian government, in 2017, embarked on an initiative to increase the recovery of post-consumer wood products to over a million tonnes per annum.

 There are several ways by you can reduce wood waste, such as:

  • Cutting the required amount of timber that fits what you intend to manufacture. This would help reduce the excessive chopping of timber logs.
  • You can simply reduce the waste of timber material by using timber wastes for various purposes. This ranges from using wood shavings such as sawdust for your poultry housing, in animal husbandry, etc.
  • You can also reduce the generation of wood waste by using alternative materials such as plastic or synthetics in place of woods.
  • Engaging in wood recycling habits is also a good way to start when planning to reduce trees’ excessive cutting down. You can visit any wood or timber recycling centres to help you recycle your wood. You should note that not all your wood products would be capable of being recycled.
    During their production, some wood materials might have been coated with some toxic material, which would render it incapable of being recycled. However, some wood products do not have these chemical preservatives. This makes such wood products easier to recycle.

From various observations and findings, it has been stated that the best way to reduce wood waste is by recycling or reusing wood products. This would limit the number of trees felling if strictly followed. Again, most of the wood waste found is dumped in the landfills, which has been said to have a side effect on the ecosystem.

More eco-friendly policies should be adopted to reduce the number of wood waste generated. This will not only help protect the trees. It would also help preserve the ecosystem because the number of trees logs chopped off for furniture making is increasing by the day. This is why waste hierarchy policy should be adopted if not for any purpose at least it would protect the ecosystem.

Also, people need to be educated that the woods products in their home should not be dumped in the landfills. These woods can be reused in varieties of ways that would still look beautiful and amazing. For instance, old woods can be painted, and this would preserve it and extend its age.